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Ready to step into your purpose & own your magic?

then come join 


Learn to live in alignment with your intuitive purpose by building your intuition, crafting rituals and creating a spiritual practice of your own.

Signs Your Inner Diosa is Speaking


You always see random repeated numbers while questioning things. For ex: 11:11 333 555.


Your intuition is always right! You know, that gut feeling that tells you "yasss" or "No!"


You gravitate to crystals, astrology, tarot, angels, santos, and love bruja things.


Animals love you! They follow you, lay on you or specifically a butterfly appears when you need guidance.

At a very young age,  I always tried to discover magic, learn to understand why I have intuitive gifts and follow my purpose (in secret from my crazy Latina mother).

While in college, everything felt not like me and who I wanted to be. I was only going to school to get a degree so I could fulfill my mothers dreams.

In 2010, I had my first spiritual awakening, left school and realized I wanted my own life and not my moms. In the past 11 years, I completely turned my life around with my intuitive work, becoming an advocate for individuality, and changing the lives of hundreds of women through my magic.

Now I am the brujita who lives with purpose, is aligned with the universe therefore manifesting her dream life! I'm on a mission to show other intuitive chavalas like you, how to do the same.

Spiritual bruja with

26+ Years of Experience



I'm Sisther

This Is For You If

  • You are serious about starting your diosa journey, but you’re stuck doing it all alone and are READY to receive guidance.

  • You're done consuming all the simple social media info, podcasts, TikToks and want to do the real inner work so you can get out of your own way, TAP INTO  your intuition and, show up powerfully everyday!

  • If you want to continue treating your intuitive gift as “un invento”, then this monthly journey is definitely not for you. This is specifically for the intuitive chavala who is ready to show up fully and IN ALIGNMENT with her inner diosa.

  • You want to harness your intuition, understand your purpose and manifest your dream life by using YOUR PURPOSE.


This program is like no other!

Work Flow Of Diosa Development 

From 1:1 coaching to custom created ritual work just for you! So you can heal, learn and grow.


Uncovering Your Vision 


We start with a virtual call to discuss:

where you are on your journey, what are your goals,

any practices you're interested in learning more of and,

what you'd like from me as a guide.


Calling Our Ancestors

I will connect with my guides (through the Oracle) and YOURS ANCESTORS so we get a clear message about where you are at in your journey, what needs more work, & how to get you in alignment to your PURPOSE. 


Plus an astrology reading! What the stars hold for us this month and mastermind our journey via la estrellas.


Craft Your Diosa Tareas 

Based on the Oracle message and astrology reading, I will give you a hit list of 3 spiritual practices and 1 moon phase spell to help you heal, manifest and glow.

These practices help amplify your intuitive power and  your purpose. The homework's are also catered by your special purpose so everyone has a unique list of magic.


Bi-Weekly Sister Call

Mid way we will reconnect, catch up and go over your progress.


This is the moment you get individual coaching! So we can chat about:

how your rituals are going,

ask me any questions,

if you need instructions on any spell work, or are interested in certain practices.

I am your bruja, talk to me!

Plus a reiki energy healing session!

Real Clients Review

review 4p.jpg
review 2p.jpg
review 3p.jpg
Review 1p.jpg
  • had issues understanding my intuitive purpose because growing up in a strict latin household made it impossible

  • felt major blocks finding the right support in my magical journey

  • I knew I had a great intuition, love for magic, and other brujita things but still didn’t have a clue because I didn’t know where to start

  • struggling with showing up consistently for my spiritual growth because I lacked information, support, and accountability

  • I wanted to just step into my purpose, own who I AM and no longer second-guess my intuitive gift

So I finally made a promise to myself, was consistent with my practice and therefore saw change!

Been there! The lonely bruja

who had all sorts of questions,

just like you....



here for you

Promise To Your Higher Self

Working together, you will go from questioning your purpose, knowing very little to fully embodying your inner goddess magic. Just imagine what your dedication can manifest...

  • living your dream life because you are now dedicated to developing yourself. 

  • learning and understanding your higher purpose in this life.

  • healing your inner child in a beautiful manner day by day. (It is not scary,  don't believe the hype about shadow work).

  • connect deeper to your dreams and passions.

  • take back your power effortlessly. No one can hold you back girl!

  • create and claim your new spiritual path. you are intuitive for a reason; your ancestors gifted you the most amazing energy in the universe. So use it! live with purpose.


Frequently Asked Questions 

- I don't know what my purpose is 100% but I know something is calling me. Can this help me uncover my purpose?

We will definitely discover what you are meant to do on this journey, how to step into that work, and use special spiritual work to magnify your magic.

- I just started my spiritual journey, is this the right coaching program for me?

Absolutely! I have 11 + years of experience with my spiritual growth so I know all the great rituals, practice and tools that will help you at this time.Plus, understand the struggle of this wild but beautiful journey.

- How about if I have already been active in my journey?

Even if you have some experience you can learn so much more by working with me, have accountability and, skip all the difficulties because I've been there done that. So you don't have to!  We can definitely work together to create intuitive growth plus sisterhood.

- Is there anything I need for this coaching program?

Just your dedication, positive energy and motivation to stay consistent on your own personal growth. This is definitely for the intuitive chavala who is ready to do the inner work for the long run!

- What is your refund policy?

I don't offer a refund, this is the final sale. Before each month we'll talk over your progress and next month's opportunities before charging you anything.

Overall Coaching Vibe


Access to my unique spiritual proven practices to help build your intuitive magic from ground zero and finally start to be on track for your purpose.


We'll meet monthly  for 75 minutes and in every session, you will have the opportunity to get hot seat coaching (1:1 with the best bruja!). 


We will work on your goals, strategy, and everything in between. These practices will turn your life around! 


Build a true supportive Latina sisterhood! I am here for you and you are actually here for me too! We will create a  beautifully empowering witchy bond. 

I am very excited to launch this new opportunity for my intuitive chavalas! I was there girl, solo bruja in an intense life changing experience, no knowledge of where to start or how to start. I even had a hard time holding myself accountable.

I am here to help you with all of that and more. You no longer have to worry or stress. You just need to show up consistently. Y ya! We will spark that inner goddess glow together!

I am here to help intuitive latin women live their purpose through my own experience, guidance and goddess magic. Trust the universe brought us together. Even here to this space! Let's develop your inner diosa together. 

Let's get this

new bond going!




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